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28 May, 2013

Dumas Receives Third Safety Innovation Award from OMCSA

TORONTO, 28 May 2013 – Dumas Contracting Ltd. (“Dumas”) is the proud recipient of a third Safety Innovation Award, presented by the Ontario Mine Contractors Safety Association (OMCSA). Dumas received their most recent award for developing a device to prevent the inadvertent movement of raise climbers in underground mines.

Injuries can occur when a raise climber’s control handle is accidentally activated. This may occur when a worker climbs up to the work platform and uses the control handle as a foot hold in order get a better reach, potentially activating it and causing the raise climber to move upward. Another example is when material falls and strikes the control handle, causing the raise climber to move unexpectedly. The sudden and unexpected movement of the raise climber in both these situations may cause the worker to use the head-roller as a support handle. This is a dangerous situation because the worker’s hand might get caught in the head-roller, causing serious injuries.   

Dumas’ solution is the installation of a ‘Liveman switch’ that controls the flow of air to the control handle. When the switch is activated it opens two valves that allow air to flow to the control handle valve, making it functional. When the ‘Liveman switch’ is released, the air flowing towards the control handle valve is immediately cut off making it impossible for the raise climber to move. Therefore, a worker must be at the controls to operate both the control handle and the ‘liveman switch’ simultaneously in order for the raise climber to be raised or lowered.

The Safety Innovation Award is presented annually by the OMCSA to a mine contracting company that designs or develops an innovative safety tool that reduces injury, and improves health and safety in the workplace. The award was presented at the Workplace Safety North 2013 Conference and Banquet, attended by both mining contractors and mine owners on April 18, 2013.

“It’s an honour to receive a third OMCSA award, this time for our raise climber device,” shared Roger Belair, Dumas’ Director of HSE. “We pride ourselves on being a contractor of choice for rigorous safety standards. This award demonstrates that we go the extra mile to improve safety for our employees, and performance for our valued clients, as well as for the broader mining industry.”

Dumas previously won the same OMCSA award in 2010 for the Dumas Crosshead Design, and  again in 2012 for their Re-railer Bar. Dumas has become the first mine contractor to win this award three times, and also the first to win it twice consecutively.

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